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The rose is the omnipresent queen in our  memory  olfactory.

This subtle, fresh and delicate fragrance will bring a unique and chic atmosphere to your interior.  

Jasmine is of unequaled olfactory richness,  its scent is simply divine. 

Its fresh, fruity and slightly sweet fragrance will leave a lively trail for a refined atmosphere.  

Honeysuckle  with her  floral, rich and elegant fragrance is perfect to bring a luxurious touch to your interior. 

Intense sweet notes for a scent  sparkling.  


Mimosa is the winter flower with summer scents, 

it will fill your interior  a romantic scent with warm notes.  


Bergamot elegantly diffuses delicious fresh, zesty and sparkling notes. 

This autumn fruit has the Calabrian sun in its fragrance.  

Orange blossom is a scent with multiple facets and richness, 

both tender and bewitching, delicate and sunny. 

She  stands out for its sensual fragrance,

soft and delicately sweet. 

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