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Who are we ? 

Maison Dagelet is a French brand of artisanal candles created in 2017.

We make our candles in our workshop in the South West of France.  


Since 2016, we have been meeting men and women  evolving around the same passion. 

These craftsmen with unique know-how inspire us on a daily basis; 

and encourage us to select the best raw materials there is  to create a candle that respects the environment and is 100% made in France.  

Each Dagelet candle is hand-cast in the purest tradition of master waxers.  

Our  wax is vegetable, our wicks are cotton and the perfumes are produced in Provence by a renowned perfumery.

The addition of real gold leaf, delicately laid chip  by chip, infuses Dagelet candles with incomparable warmth and radiance. 


© MAISON DAGELET 2018 -2022

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